11-Aug-2018Palmdale, CA +10 milesCats for Sale
Scooter is a adorable young male with blue eyes. He is a low key guy who is friendly and playful. Scooter seeks attention and enjoys being rubbed. He'll talk to you, but is otherwise a quiet boy who just wants to be loved. Scooter likes to follow you ar...
8-Aug-2018Palmdale, CA +10 milesCats for Sale
This white Siamese is actually a light with seal point markings and awesome turquoise eyes. He's being socialized and is a bit stand-offish right now but will let you pet him and pick him up, but he won't stay long......for now.
8-Aug-2018Palmdale, CA +10 milesCats for Sale
Zion is a lovely Siamese, a little shy at 1st. She is about one year old. Her owner died and was found in his home with twenty cats and seven dogs.
8-Aug-2018Palmdale, CA +10 milesCats for Sale
Year old black male cat, Siamese - American Short hair mixture with rust orange eyes. Sweet, wonderful.
7-Aug-2018Lancaster, CA +16 milesCats for Sale
Vanilla came to us extremely sick and covered in fleas. We took her straight to the veterinarian and got her started on medication for eye infections, and the fleas. She is now healed, but does have some sight issues from the infection not being treated right away. She is a super lovable loving cat.
7-Aug-2018Lancaster, CA +16 milesCats for Sale
I was an owner surrender covered in fleas, with a bad infection and nursing babies. I was very weak and didn't feel great. I was treated for the fleas, and the infection, and am now ready for my new home. I am very adorable and loving. I am slightly blind, but get around just fine.
Magoo is a semi-feral kitty who we'd love to have you sponsor. 6/13/18 9:58 PM...
Kiana is a exquisite Siamese 7-8 yrs old. She is rather shy but would blossom in the home of a "real cat person". :) 6/13/18 9:58 PM...
There is a reason that siamese cats were originally a fixture of temples and royal households, they're known to keep away the bad and bring nice luck to their families! Come see Ginger for yourself, and you'll realize why your the lucky one! 6/13/18 ...
Sky is a gorgeous cat but on the shy (sky:P) side. He would be a perfect friend for a cat person who will understand his catliness! Come by and see him! 6/13/18 9:58 PM...
7-Jun-2018Palmdale, CA +10 milesCats for Sale
Tinkerbell is a pure bred Seal Point Siamese with blue eyes. She's very affectionate and doesn't mind dogs, as long as they aren't aggressive. She's nice in the house and very affectionate.
Chance is a lovely boy, but very shy and skittish. When approached, he shrinks back and wants to run, but once he is in your lap he is happy as can be, but it takes a little time. He has a hard time trusting people, but he would be a perfect cat f...
8-Aug-2018Palmdale, CA +10 milesCats for Sale
This stunning Snowshoe Siamese has awesome large blue eyes, and is a dark chocolate point. She has white paws and other markings. She's a nice house cat.
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